Supporting Your Immune System When You May Need It Most

LAST YEAR I RECEIVED frequent calls about how to support your immune system toward the end of the year. No one likes to get a cold or flu. Recent research confirms many ways we can stay healthy. For example, studies have shown that people with vitamin D deficiency are 11 times more likely to get a cold or flu, while supplementing with vitamin D can reduce colds and flu by 42 percent.(i)

I wanted to share with you some suggestions for staying healthy. There are many simple things you can do and some extra supplements you can take.

First let’s review the controversy over the flu vaccine and then I will share exactly what you can do and what to take. The guiding principle of functional medicine is personalized care, not the one-size fits all belief that everyone should have the same treatment. This applies equally to vaccines. There is risk and benefit to every medical treatment or procedure.


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